In order to further understand Virtual Staging and how it can be an asset to you and your clients, we must first look at traditional home staging in general. Home staging is not a new concept in the real estate profession. Staging and prepping a listing to attract potential buyers has been going on for decades and is often an essential part of selling a home. Realtors may choose to rent, buy, or borrow furniture and décor in order to spruce up the home, but all of this can be costly, time-consuming and labor intensive.

The truth is, humans are very visual creatures. This means that we are more likely to buy when presented with a clean, fully finished, and furnished home. An empty shell of a home can be a hard sell as it can be difficult to imagine the potential it offers. This rings true for event venues and hotels as well. Customers and potential buyers want to see the appealing possibilities a space offers so that they can have confidence in their future purchase. However, home staging can potentially cut deep into a realtor’s profit and time once all of that finding, moving, and removal is complete.

An alternative and effective solution that has gained popularity over the last several years is Virtual Staging. Virtual Staging can put an end to the potential deficit brought about by traditional home staging. This process promotes quick and promising potential sales for many different industries – especially real estate.

Below we have touched on a few specific reasons realtors commonly choose Virtual Staging today to bring life to their vacant listings.

1. Saves Time 

Choosing to have your vacant listing virtually staged saves you an endless amount of time and energy. There is no hassle of hiring movers, or scheduling delivery of furniture. Any installment or setup before photographing does not exist, and pickup/removal of furniture and decor is not necessary. When you opt for virtual staging, you simply send over the photo(s) of your vacant listing, and then sit back and let the magic happen. In only 24-48 hours, you will get your transformed photos back, virtually furnished. There is no need to use up any of your own time, energy, or sanity, and this allows you to move onto your next task or project sooner.

2. Saves Money

– Home staging companies know how important their services are to ensure a sale in real estate. This means they can mark up their premium for realtors or homeowners based on many different factors. Paying movers as well as interior designers can also significantly increase marketing costs. On top of that, the liability that comes along with renting or borrowing furniture, decor, and art could end up costing you a fortune. On the other hand, choosing virtual staging – priced at a low set fee per photo – guarantees you know what you are paying for, and will end up saving you a tremendous amount of money.

3. Declutter or Redecorate 

Virtual staging also gives you the opportunity to go above and beyond for your clients. Our specialized software will allow you the option of decluttering and/or redecorating any room or space. With virtual staging, you have the freedom to have unsightly furniture/decor completely removed. You can then either choose to leave the room empty/vacant for the imagination to fill, or you can have the current furniture replaced with new virtual furniture all together.

4. Social Distance

Another key virtual staging benefit to take note of during today’s environment is the freedom to social distance. A lot of individuals and families are not interested in entering another’s home, or having unnecessary guests enter their home during the current pandemic. Virtual staging allows both parties the freedom to distance, yet still communicate and visualize the future possibilities of the space.

Virtual staging is overall a more affordable and more manageable option for selling your properties faster. It will save you time and energy, while giving your vacant properties a guaranteed edge. Utilizing this modern technology offers countless benefits to many industries, but especially to realtors and their clients.

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